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Black Is The Color Of The Souls Dark Night

August 21st, 2011

Black is the color of the souls dark night
By Janice Keller-Kimball
Black is the color of the souls dark night
black is the color that fills my sight
hope still dwells on a distant shore
yet for now it's a comfort I abhor
I seek not light, yet do dark embrace
hide my soul away without a trace
I draw the curtains and the veil
my spirit is drawn, wan and pale
Yet this I know will someday be past
then shall I greet the sun at last
And shuffle off these chains of woe
Which bind me here when I would go

The really kewl thing about posting this here rather than my regular blog is I am 99% sure no one is reading this one! Huzzah for a place to vent in private!

Deciding what is important

August 13th, 2011

Sometimes in life it comes down to deciding what is really important to you. Ask yourself this if your home were on fire, what would you try to save if you could only save three things? If you were going to die, and you knew you only had a few days to live what would you do? It is in this way I came to realize what was important to me, what has always been important to me was helping others, not for the praise, the fame, or the glory that could come from it....but simply to make the world a better place to be in for everyone, all creatures great and small. I know that art is subjective, and maybe my art only appeals to me, lol, so I do not expect to win any contests (and in fact, to date I have not), although I have had the kind compliments from a few fellow artists I do notice a lot look, but say nothing, and that is OK too. I found myself asking what I really wanted, and my answer to myself was clear I wanted to help my fellow artists achieve some degree of success. to that end I have started my EXPOSE AN ARTIST campaign on facebook and everyday I will exposing 2 artists whose work I like on facebook, encouraging others to check them out and pass the exposure on, I have also encouraged people to sign up here and after 30 days pick one contest a week or more and vote on the images there, and leave comments for their favorite artists. I would like to see where this will go and how successful this campaign becomes, crossing my fingers for big exposures and successes for the artists here!

Blog Day One

July 26th, 2011

Blog Day One

Starting a site to sell things is like being young again. You are full of hopes, dreams, and faith that all will go well, and finally someone will recognize and appreciate your talent. Then after weeks, then months, of no views, and only one single comment you start to realize that no one is really interested. Then just like when you reach that pivotal point in life when you come to understand that dreams are not enough, nor hopes, not even the strongest faith can change what is. Reality is a harsh mistress, cruel, cold, and uncaring. She does not care how hard you try, she does not care that you are slowly loosing your vision and when your eyes fail your art will be gone from you forever, she does not care that you are trying to hold on to house and home for there is no warmth in her, or comfort either she merely is.

I am discouraged right now, and tired of fighting battles I have no hope of winning. I write this because I know it will most likely go unread, as my art goes unviewed. I am not afraid of obscurity, but I am disappointed by it. Perhaps I think too highly of my work, perhaps it is simply not noteworthy. Could it be that life is indeed, a cruel joke perpetuated against those who care too much? My writings are not Ernest Hemmingway's, nor Mark Twain's, and my paintings are not Picasso's or Monet's, they are simply mine, and no matter how small and insignificant they are a part of my very soul.

So today I close my eyes, and wonder at why I am still here? What is there left to do that I have not done? What business is left unfinished which binds me to this Earth? I ask, and wait, for an answer which does not come.....................